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Windows 10's Version of AirDrop Lets You Quickly Share Files Between PCs - Slashdot


IR Link was horrible, because most laptop IR transceivers had a very narrow view. It was sort-of okay for PDAs if you held the PDA directly against the IR port, but impossible to align for a pair of laptops reliably.

Bluetooth file transfer is also pretty mature at this point. I've used it between Windows, Mac, and FreeBSD machines and with old Nokia and new Android phones (it probably works with iOS, though it didn't in the original iPhone). Pairing is a bit annoying, but once that's done it's basically drag and drop.

AirDrop is nice because it uses bluetooth to identify nearby machines and to advertise public keys, but then creates a two-device ad-hoc wireless network and transfers at high speed. WiFi direct now provides a somewhat more standard and mature mechanism for doing this.

I'm quite annoyed that Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all developing independent protocols for this though. I want an open protocol that works with all of my devices, not a mess of protocols...(continued)

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