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Crooks set up a fake Symantec Blog to spread the macOS Proton malware

A new strain of the notoriousmacOS Proton malware is spreading through a blog spoofing the legitimate blog of the security firm Symantec.

The attackers used the same domain registration information of the original site, except for theemail address.

The SSL digital certificate for the site is a legitimate certificate issued by Comodo instead of the Symantec’s certificate authority.

The attackers created a the fake blog symantecblog[dot]comthat mirrored content from the original website. The experts fromMalwarebytes discovered that a post about a new version of CoinThief malware was promoting the application called “Symantec Malware Detector,” that was used to distribute theOSX.Proton.

“The malware is being promoted via a fake Symantec blog site at symantecblog[dot]com. The site is a good imitation of the real Symantec blog, even mirroring the same content. The registration information for the domain appears, on first glance, to be legitimate, using the same name and address...(continued)

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