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Tesla's all-electric semi truck will start at $150,000 - CNET


Tesla has quietly released the expected prices of its new all-electric semi truck on its website. Two options will be available, with the only difference between the tow being the range you can achieve on a single charge.

The entry 300-mile range model will cost $150,000 (that's about 112,755 or AU$196,645), while the 500-mile range truck will cost $180,000, which converts to about 135,325 or AU$235,890. That $30k price increase may well be worth the investment if you're planning on hauling goods through barren lands where charging points are hard to come by.

Both models will require a $20,000 reservation.

As our very own Tim Stevens explains, "entry-level semis cost upwards of $100,000 -- but that's just the beginning. Annual diesel costs alone can run up another $70,000, with total operating costs coming in at around $180,000 per year!" A one-time $180,000 purchase with no diesel costs on top could therefore make Tesla's Semi an attractive option.

Tesla has yet to...(continued)

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