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Are TVs really cheaper than ever? We go back a few decades to see - CNET


It's an old adage that technology gets better and cheaper every year. But how true is that? There are certainly more inexpensive products every year, but often those less-expensive products perform worse than average. They're just cheaper, but not as "good."

If you look at the best TVs on the market, they're still pretty expensive. But how does that compare to the best offerings from a few years ago? Most people don't remember what they paid for their last TV, never mind a TV from 20 years ago. For that matter, how much did the best TV cost in 1997?

I'm glad you asked.

LG 2017 baseline

LGOLED55B7A: $2,300 Price-per-square-inch: $1.78

To start our comparison, let's use the LG B7A OLED. It's nearly identical to theC7 OLED, our current Best TV pick.

The 55-inch has an MSRP of $3,000 for a price-per-inch of about $2.32. However, that's the MSRP. They're currently as low as $1,500 for lack Friday 2017. So in terms of screen area, that's $1.24 per square inch, which is pretty...(continued)

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