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ISS astronauts will still have a turkey feast this Thanksgiving - CNET

Matthias Kulka/Getty Images

The ISS crew will be provided with a lovely dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread dressing and candied yams for the celebration of the popular American tradition of Thanksgiving.

A cargo resupply craft delivered the meal, reports, along with care packages from family and other more critical supplies. While much of the meal is prepared on terra firma, a small food warmer is included to heat up the turkey.

While only three of the six astronauts on board are from the US, all six will apparently participate in the tradition. Much like how only one of the CNET UK team is from the US, but we're all looking forward to going out for a slap-up Thanksgiving dinner together this evening.

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A viewing of an American football game will apparently be available on request. It'll presumably come in handy if they get bored of the view of the planet below them.

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