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Uber executives accused in court of concealing evidence that they knew of Waymo intellectual property theft


Uber's former CEO and several senior executives were aware of evidence that all but confirmed the theft of trade secrets fromWaymo, the autonomous vehicle developer owned by Google.

That is according to Reuters, reporting on the latest in the court case between Google and Uber. The court heard thatUber's bosses had seen a letter about stolen trade secrets, but that this evidence had been withheld.

US District Judge William Alsupsuggested thatemployees could face criminal charges as a result. He ordered prosecutors to look-in to the allegation.

Speaking to Uber officials during the hearing, the judge said: "On the surface it looks like you covered this up. It seems like there are so many bad things that Uber has done in this case. Usually it's more divided."

Uber has been researching autonomous vehicle technology for some time. It has been accused by Google of stealing information from Waymo when a key executive left the firm, only later to come and work for Uber.


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