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If Willie Sutton were working today, he'd be stealing cryptocurrency, not wasting time on banks


Because that's where the money is. Criminals have been installing cryptocurrency miners on victim machines that turn them into sources of money. These operate without the users' knowledge, and they operate even when your browser's closed. Apart from being criminal, they're troublesome because coin-mining is a resource hog.

Our friends at Malwarebytes have discovered one new campaign that's mining the cryptocurrency Monero. It affects Windows machines running the Chrome browser. When a user visits an infected site, an ad network (Ad Maven) opens a pop-up and loads a page hosted on elthamely[dot]com, which, via cloudfront[dot]net, proceeds to retrieve a payload from hatevery[dot]info. This opens a hard-to-find pop-under window that hides on the task bar, beneath the clock. You'll want to check task manager to see if something suspicious is running.

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