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Experts discovered a new variant of Shadow BTCware Ransomware Variant

The security expertMichael Gillespiediscovered a new variant of the Shadow BTCware Ransomware which is manually installed on unsecured systems.

The security expertMichael Gillespiediscovered a new variant of the BTCWareransomware, the malicious code was spreadbyhacking into poorly protected remote desktop services and manually installed by crooks.

The newShadow BTCware Ransomware variantappends the.[email]-id-id.shadowextension to the encrypted files, compared to previous versions it uses new email addresses a victim should contact to receive the instructions to pay the ransomware.

In the last version analyzed by the expert and reported by Bleeping Computer, the contact email address used by

The extension appended to encrypted files is also changed, the Shadow BTCware Ransomware variant appends the.[email]-id-[id].shadowextension to encrypted file’s name. (i.e. The filetest.jpgis renamed totest.jpg.[]-id-C0C.shadow).

“All your files...(continued)

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