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Nissan begins public robo-taxi trials next year - Roadshow

Nissan created the Easy Ride brand to begin public trials of its robo-taxi in Japan. Nissan

Four years ago, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn set an aggressive goal by saying the company would produce self-driving cars by 2020. In retrospect, Ghosn might have been underselling Nissan's technological chops, as it just announced public trials of robo-taxis to commence next year.

The self-driving taxi service is called Easy Ride, and the trials will be conducted in Yokohama, Japan.

Nissan is partnering with a company called DeNA, which operates online services for healthcare, gaming and automotive. The Nissan Leaf electric car, modified with self-driving technology, will deliver passengers in the testing area.

Self-driving car technology has been a hot topic for automakers and technology companies, as it promises to save lives by preventing accidents, and offer up a whole new service industry.

With the Easy Ride service, passengers will be able to summon a car using an app. Nissan says...(continued)

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