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Critical Flaw in WAGO PLC Exposes Organizations to Attacks

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from Germany-based industrial automation company WAGO are affected by a potentially serious vulnerability that could give a remote attacker access to an organization’s entire network.

The flaw, discovered by a researcher at security services and consulting company SEC Consult, impacts Linux-based WAGO PFC200 series PLCs, specifically a total of 17 750-820X models running firmware version 02.07.07 (10). The affected devices are advertised by the vendor as ultra-compact and secure automation systems that can be used for traditional machine control, process technology, and in the offshore sector.

The security hole exists due to the use of version of the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit. This embedded software is developed by 3S-Smart Software Solutions and it’s used by several vendors in hundreds of PLCs and other industrial controllers.

A few years ago, researcher Reid Wightman discovered that versions 2.3.x and 2.4.x of CODESYS Runtime...(continued)

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