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Mailsploit Lets Attackers Send Spoofed Emails on Over 33 Email Clients


German security researcher Sabri Haddouche has discovered a set of vulnerabilities that he collectively refers to as Mailsploit, and which allow an attacker to spoof email identities, and in some cases, run malicious code on the user's computer.

While the remote code execution part of Mailsploit is worrisome, the real issue is the email spoofing attack that circumvents all modern anti-spoofing protection mechanisms such as DMARC (DKIM/SPF) or various spam filters.

This allows miscreants to send emails with spoofed identities that both users and email servers have a hard time detecting as fakes. This, in turn, makes phishing attacks and malware-laden emails much harder to spot.

How Mailsploit works

The Mailsploit vulnerability stems from how email servers interpret email addresses encoded with RFC-1342. This is a standard adopted in 1992 that describes a way to encode non-ASCII characters inside email headers.

By rule, all content contained in an email header must be an...(continued)

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