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Report: Email attacks increasing, but none as much as impersonation phishing


Data security company Mimecast has released its latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report (registration required), which suggests that the fastest growing threat isn't malware—It's impersonation attacks.

That may not sound surprising to anyone familiar with the latest trends in cybercrime. Humans have been the weak link in security for a while now—why try to exploit a secure system when you can just trick someone into giving you what you want?

That doesn't mean spam and malware aren't risks for businesses. Both continued to experience growth during the period of Mimecast's study, albeit far less than impersonation attacks.

How email attacks stack up

The latest ESRA report from Mimecast sifted through nearly 56 million emails. More than 12 million of them were spam, 9,055 contained harmful files, 2,535 came with malware, and 18,971 were impersonation attacks—a 50% quarter-over-quarter increase.

Attacks of all kinds are bound to increase in quantity, but 50% is...(continued)

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