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Infographic: Will the rise in cybercrime actually make the internet better?


It's a dangerous digital world out there—just ask the average business. They've spent an average of 22.7% more on cybersecurity in 2017 while still suffering from 27.4% more breaches.

Seems like a losing game, doesn't it?

It is, at least according to some arguments. Cybersecurity has been called a zero-sum game, where hackers win simply by virtue of current cybersecurity tech being ineffective.

Does the current cybersecurity model encourage failure?

It boils down to simple economics: In order for cybersecurity companies to make a profit there has to be threats. If security worked too well, or if the internet underwent a drastic transformation, their products might not sell.

There are plenty of products that lessen the potential for your data to be stolen. Using a VPN, encrypted email like ProtonMail, an anonymous web search engine like DuckDuckGo, and a privacy-first browser like Brave can help.

The bottom line, however, is that data on the web is never truly safe when...(continued)

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