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These 3 departments are causing the biggest cybersecurity problems at your office


People are always the weak link when it comes to enterprise cybersecurity—but some departments are more likely to get hit and fall victim to attacks than others.

"Everyone is susceptible to these attacks. Nobody is immune," said Wesley Simpson, COO of (ISC)2. "It doesn't matter what type of organization, how strong you think you are, how much money that you're investing into your hardware and software environment to have the latest and greatest technology. We're all vulnerable, and you can't do it alone."

Here are three departments that are often most likely to fall victim to cyberattacks.

1. IT

IT and development are not immune to mistakes or attacks that result in security breaches, as 2017 has proved, said Forrester analyst Jeff Pollard. For example, we saw that Amazon S3 storage buckets were a constant source of data exfiltration, often by security researchers and bug bounty hunters, but also by attackers.

"Continued use of cloud technologies means this part of an...(continued)

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