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MailSploit vulnerabilities allow email spoofing with more than 30 email clients

A security researcherdiscovered a collection of vulnerabilities dubbed MailSploit affecting more than 30 popular email client software.

Email spoofing is quite simple and it is an important activity in any phishing/spear phishing attack.

Attackers modify email headers and send an email with the forged sender address to trick recipients into opening the message believing they are receiving it from a trusted source.

Thesecurity researcherSabri Haddouche has discovered a collection of vulnerabilities affecting more than 30 popular email client software that could be exploited by an attacker to send spoofed messages bypassing anti-spoofing systems.

The collection of flaws discovered byHaddouche was dubbedMailSploit, the list of vulnerable clients includes Apple Mail (macOS, iOS, and watchOS), Mozilla Thunderbird, several Microsoft email clients, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, and others.

It is curious to highlight that almost any affected email clienthas implemented anti-spoofing...(continued)
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