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MPs Sharing Log-In Credentials


The ISBuzz Post: This Post MPs Sharing Log-In Credentials appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

Barry Scott, CTO at Centrify EMEA:

“The news that MP’s are sharing passwords with others in their departments is shockingly bad and very disappointing. Sharing passwords should NEVER happen, with the possible (but very rare) exception being sharing with the IT Department at work, and then the password should be changed when IT no longer need it. Compromised credentials are the leading attack vector for data breaches – the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report states that 81% of breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords.

Passwords should be complex, unguessable (computers are incredibly good at guessing passwords, so swapping an “S” for a “$” won’t fool them for long) and reinforced with some form of multi-factor authentication, where your phone (for example) is used as an extra source of authentication to prove it’s you trying to login, and not someone who...(continued)

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