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Mobile Response to Security Alerts Allows Immediate Action Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile Alerts Improve Incident Response

Cybersecurity is 24/7; cybersecurity staff are not. While larger corporations can arrange for 24/7 cover, most smaller organizations cannot do this. This means that senior security staff are effectively permanently 'on call' whether they are in the office, between offices, or at home.

A recent small survey by Barkly queried 95 IT and security professionals from companies with between 50 and 1,000 endpoints, "to learn more about how they're currently receiving and managing security alerts." Nearly half of the respondents (46%) said they had missed alerts while out of the office, while about 20% said that it had been necessary to return to the office to handle an alert that could not be managed remotely.

Given these figures, it is not surprising that 76% said that their ability to respond to alerts efficiently and speedily would improve if they could both receive and respond via a mobile device.

"The ability to react quickly can be...(continued)

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