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Facebook just made VR better -- by adding Microsoft Windows - CNET


Being transported to a virtual world can be fantastic -- until you realize what you've left behind. No email, no instant messages from friends or family, no TV in the background, no streaming tunes, no Tweets or Snaps or Likes.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is strong, and for some it might be a reason to stay out of VR entirely.

Oculus Dash. Facebook; GIF by Sean Hollister/CNET

But with a new beta update available today, Facebook is intentionally letting you break the immersion of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset so you can do a heck of a lot more in VR. You'll have your full Windows 10 desktop, spread across as many virtual monitors as your graphics card can support.

That means you can do multitasking -- a lot of multitasking -- even while you continue to play games in VR.

It's Netflix movies while you're blasting robots with your twin pistols. It's Facebook Messenger while you explore one of Facebook's other worlds. You can cross-reference Google Maps...(continued)

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