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These 10 cities led the Thanksgiving weekend malware spike


'Tis the season for online shopping, and for internet users with bad security habits it's also the season to end up with a malware infection.

Reports from Enigma Software's SpyHunter anti-malware app reveal that malware infections spiked 123% during Thanksgiving weekend alone—an ominous portent of a malware season to come.

In the age of BYOD, businesses need to be aware of malware infection rates and risks. Machines used at home are often used at work, and vice versa, making this news just as pertinent to home users as it is to businesses.

If you live, or work, in one of the following 10 cities you should be especially concerned. These 10 topped the list for malware infections during the holiday weekend, so businesses and home users should take the time to update software, scan devices, and be sure any machine entering a work network is protected and malware-free.

The 10 most infected cities during Thanksgiving weekend 2017

Percentages listed indicate increased...(continued)

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