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Phishing Scammers are Using HTTPS Domains to seem Authentic - GeekReply (press release) (blog)


Phishing Scammers are Using HTTPS Domains to seem Authentic

Ule Lopez

December 6, 2017

Today we’ll have a double whammy when it comes to malware threats on Internet websites. Let’s start by mentioning that the latest in phishing schemes are now using encrypted sites to seem authentic. That’s right, what once was a method to encrypt websites and protect user data is now becoming an accessible weapon.

I’m sure you’ve seen websites with a green lock and HTTPS alongside the credentials of the website. These are especially common in places where you make payments, sign up to websites and other functions. However, it seems like Phishing scammers have caught onto this and are adding their own cheeky tactics.

On Tuesday, the phishing research and defense firm PhishLabs published new analysis showing that phishers have been adopting HTTPS more and more often on their sites. Nowadays phishing scams have encrypted website information and credentials over 24% of the time.


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