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Why Third-Party Security is your Security

Why Third-Party Security is your SecurityManaging third-party risk isn't just a good idea, in many cases, it's the law. This security framework can help you minimize the threat.

Depending on third parties is inescapable. Every organization needs software, hardware, Internet connectivity, power, and buildings. It's unlikely they're going to do all those things themselves. That means that organizations must be dependent on others outside themselves. With that dependence comes risk.

F5 recently partnered with Ponemon Institute to survey CISOs. In the report, The Evolving Role of CISOs and their Importance to the Business, CISOs were asked: Are your organization’s business partners, vendors, and other third parties held to high security standards? The responses:

Always — 22% Yes, most of the time – 21% Yes, some of the time – 29% No – 28%

While 54% percent of the same survey respondents say they monitor third parties to ensure continued compliance with contractually required...(continued)

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