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What to Do When Your Team Hates Your CRM


Computer programmer and wiki inventor Ward Cunningham famously asked a question that too few companies consider when they implement customer relationship management (CRM): “What’s the simplest thing that could possibly work?”

The shortest path from problem to solution is generally an uncomplicated one. Despite this, technology-driven solutions tend to embrace complexity and celebrate features that end users ultimately find distracting, or worse, deal-breakers.

This is why so many employees turn their backs on expensive CRM deployments.

If your team hates the CRM you just rolled out, simplicity is the key to winning them over. Here are three ways to leverage Cunningham’s question to reap greater returns on your CRM investment.

Remove friction

Nobody wants to completely overhaul a familiar process, and your CRM should be flexible enough to accommodate the retention of the workflows that, well, work. Don’t hold so tightly to new task management processes that your team fights...(continued)

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