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How to password protect your GRUB menu

Image: Jack Wallen

If you use Linux in your data center, on your company network, or even at home, you want to make sure it is as secure as possible. As you might have come to understand, there are so many routes to a heightened security with the open source platform. One path that is often overlooked is password protecting the GRUB menu. Once this has been done, a server or desktop cannot be booted without first entering a password at the GRUB menu.

Do note: Although this is great for security purposes, if you have to reboot a server remotely you won't be able to without someone physically there to enter the credentials (unless this server or desktop is a virtual machine, and you have access to the host). Even so, adding an extra layer of security is always a plus.

Let's make this happen. I'll be demonstrating with Ubuntu Server 16.04.

Read to type?


A quick warning: I've tested this numerous times and it has never failed me. That doesn't mean it won't fail...(continued)

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