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Why I wish 'Last Jedi' was Rian Johnson's last Star Wars movie - CNET

Director Rian Johnson (left) with the "Last Jedi" cast. Brian Tong/CNET

I'm doubly excited for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Not only am I a huge Star Wars fan, but the latest trip to a galaxy far, far away is directed by one of my favourite directors, Rian Johnson.

So you'd think I'd be over the moon Johnson has signed on to create a whole new series of Star Wars movies after the current trilogy wraps up. Nope. In fact, I kind of wish "Last Jedi" was his last Star Wars movie.

Even if you haven't heard of Johnson, there's a good chance you've enjoyed his work: he directed three pivotal episodes of "Breaking Bad". I've been a fan going back to his idiosyncratic teen noir movie "Brick" in 2005, and I loved his time-travel mind bender "Looper", even if it doesn't make any sense. I like Johnson's work so much I once wrote an article in defence of his gleefully silly 2008 con-artist curio "The Brothers Bloom", and that's no one's favourite Rian Johnson film.

So I'm confident "The...(continued)

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