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Apple fills the KRACK on iPhones – at last


Remember KRACK, short for Key Reinstallation Attack?

Nearly two months ago, it was all over the news – what we jocularly call a BWAIN, short for “bug with an impressive name” – because it exposed a cryptographic weakness in WPA, the Wi-Fi encryption protocol that is used to secure most of the world’s wireless networks.

Very greatly simplified, KRACK involved tricking a wireless access point into sending the first two packets of a session scrambled with the same encryption key, with the result that if you knew the content of one of the packets, you could figure out the other.

KRACK wasn’t the end of the world as we know it (we happily reported that Wi-Fi was still safe to use), but it was worth patching against – encrypted Wi-Fi connections aren’t supposed to leak any data, and that’s that.

Apple, amongst others, put out a patch pretty quickly for iPhone users, as we reported in early November 2017…

…but there was a twist in the fix, because it wasn’t for everyone:

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