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In a Snap, Slack Comes to Linux. Here's How To Install It


While binaries for Slack have been available for Ubuntu and Fedora, other Linux operating systems are not so lucky. To overcome this, Canonical has released Slack as a Snap, which allows Slack to be installed and used on a greater variety of Linux distributions.

Snapcraft is a command line tool that allows you to install containerised applications called Snaps on many different Linux distribution. As these Snap containers contain all the required dependencies that a program needs to run, it makes it very easy to create and distribute a single container that works on a variety of Linux versions.

The creation of a Slack Snap is smart move by both the Slack team and Canonical. For Canonical, it provides a greater user base for their Snapcraft service and for Slack, it allows a larger audience to use their service and make upgrading to new Slack versionsmuch easier. According to Jamie Bennett, VP of Engineering, Devices & IoT at Canonical:

Slack is helping to transform the...(continued)

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