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Hyperbole Swirls Around AMD Processor Security Threat


Maybe it was the exaggerated threats against AMD’s business or the semi-unprofessional way the threats were brought to light but no matter — security start-up CTS-Labs claims of security holes in the chipmaker’s Ryzen and Epic processor lines are now being lambasted across the security community.

Earlier this week Threatpost wrote of the CTS-Labs report that its researchers had discovered 13 critical vulnerabilities and exploitable backdoors in AMD’s EPYC server, Ryzen workstation, Ryzen Pro and Ryzen mobile offerings. Among the most egregious problems CTS-Labs wrote about in a white paper included:

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-The AMD Secure Processor, the gatekeeper responsible for the security of AMD processors, contains critical vulnerabilities that could let attackers permanently install malicious code inside the Secure Processor itself.

-Secure Encrypted Virtualization, a key security feature that AMD...(continued)

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