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Details about tool used by FBI to unlock any Iphone disclosed

A series of hot debates about the backdoor access should be provided or not to law enforcement agencies to Apple devices started after the case of San Bernadino's locked iPhone. But anyhow agency found a way to unlock the iPhone by taking the help from an Israeli company named Cellebrite, which provides iPhone unlocking services to law enforcement agencies.

But recently name of new a device known as GrayKey, is being circulated in the market. The GrayKey claims to be able to unlock any iOS-powered devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. It can also copy the data inside that phone, which can be browsed over a web based portal. Grayshift is based in Atlanta, Georgia, Grayshift was founded in 2016, and is a privately-held company with fewer than 50 employees.

According to Forbes, the GrayKey iPhone unlocker device is marketed for in-house use at law enforcement offices or labs. This is drastically different from Cellebrite’s overall business model, in that it puts complete...(continued)

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