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The Book : Digging the Deep Web: Exploring the dark side of the web

My new book, titled ‘Digging the Deep Web: Exploring the dark side of the web’ is available online, enjoy it.

It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to announce the availability of my book

“Digging the Deep Web: Exploring the dark side of the web“ Kindle EditionPaper Copy

What is the Deep Web and what are darknets? The book provides a detailed overview of the cybercriminal underground in the hidden part of the web.
The book details the criminal activities associated with threat actors, detailing their techniques, tactics, and procedures.

The Dark Web is considered the reign of crooks and cyberspies, it is a privileged environment for hackers, but also the scammers’ paradise.

Cyber terrorists, hackers, cyber criminals and intelligence agencies crowd this portion of the web and the book explains how these actors interact and which is their modus operandi.

Enjoy the book:

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