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Why Does Data Exfiltration Remain an Almost Unsolvable Challenge?

From hacked IoT devices to corporate infrastructures hijacked for crypto-mining to automated ransomware, novel and sophisticated cyber-attacks are notoriously hard to catch. It is no wonder that defending against these silent and never-seen-before threats dominates our security agendas. But while we grapple with the challenge of detecting the unknown, data exfiltration - an old and very well-known risk - doesn’t command nearly the same amount of attention. Yet data exfiltration happens, and it happens by the gigabyte.

As attackers improve their methods of purloining the sensitive data we trust our organizations to keep safe, one critical question remains: why does data exfiltration present the security community with such a formidable challenge?

Gigawatts and Flux Capacitors. Let’s go Back in Time.

All data exfiltration attacks share one common trait: the early warning signs of anomalous activity on the network were present but traditional security failed to catch them....(continued)

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