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Honeypot Project Reveals How Hackers Use Bots To Break Into Networks


The ISBuzz Post: This Post Honeypot Project Reveals How Hackers Use Bots To Break Into Networks appeared first on Information Security Buzz.

A new project from Cybereason, where the team created a fake company as a honeypot to trick the bots commonly used by hackers to initiate attacks.

The honeypot took the form of a fake financial company with weak security, and it was discovered and breached by bots almost instantly. The team monitored the intruders to gain some interesting insight into how attackers are using bots – with one notable example entering the network within 2 hours and performing 80% of the tasks required for a hack in less than 15 seconds.

As well as demonstrating how automation can quickly overwhelm security teams, the honeypot also revealed how attackers would case the target and then return a few days later to extract the data. Overall, more than 4gb of fake data was stolen.

Brief details of the project below.

No one likes grunt work, including attackers,...(continued)

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