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Police Use of Minority Report-Style Pre-Crime Tech Raises Inaccuracy Concerns


Pre-crime, is a vast potpourri of information, on everyday activities, used to try to predict and prevent future behavior. In “predictive” policing, computer algorithms identify signs of pre-crime in a realm in which we are all potential suspects. Similar to the state of affairs depicted in the 2002 movie, “Minority Report,” psychic “precogs” discern which “criminals” to pursue before they commit a crime.

Hartford, CT is now using what somesay looks an awful lot like pre-crime technology. "Like cities across the country, we've been grappling with ways to use this technology to make our residents safer and our communities stronger," Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said in an interview with Vice News. "At the same time we're being very sensitive to concerns about civil liberties."

BriefCam, An Israeli-American cyber business, provides video search technology that is now being utilized in Hartford. BriefCam's video analysis software compresses hours of video into more compact...(continued)

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