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Uber Driver Was Streaming Hulu Just Before Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash, Says Police - Slashdot


It's worth pointing out that this type of response by drivers is predictable. Not necessarily watching TV but zoning out in one way or another. You'll see Tesla trot out the excuse every time as well: "This system requires constant monitoring by the driver, it's not really fully self-driving, and the crash was the driver's fault for not paying attention when they should have."

But: equal--or even more--blame has to go to the designers of the system and testing protocol for not taking this obvious and well known fact about human behavior into consideration when designing their system and their testing protocol.

It's a simple fact of human behavior that once the system looks like it's working OK for a few dozen to a few hundred miles, you assume it's OK and you start to tune out.

In reality, drivers average between 90 million (auto v. auto fatalities) and 480 million (auto v. pedestrian fatalities) miles between fatal collisions. So a system that can manage to go a few dozen...(continued)

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