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Ubisoft games hit by DDoS atacks

France based video game publisher Ubisoft games have suffered a series of massive DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service). As a result, several Ubisoft gaming servers including Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Far Cry 5 have been facing connectivity issues since Thursday (July 12). Connectivity problems made it difficult for Ubisoft gamers to sign into their favourite games with Ubisoft keeping everyone updated on the status of the issues through the Ubisoft Support account.

On Thursday (July 17), Ubisoft used its customer support Twitter handle to confirm the outage and that the company is working on to mitigate the attacks.

It’s unknown if the server and latency issues that continuously affected Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Steep over the last few were due to the DDoS attacks.

“We’re currently monitoring DDoS attacks impacting Ubisoft services and causing players to be unable to connect to games. The attacks are focused on...(continued)
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