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FBI Warns Of Pending Large Scale ATM Cashout Strike


ATM Fraud , Breach Preparedness , Cybercrime

FBI Warns Of Pending Large Scale ATM Cashout Strike Attack May Pivot On A Data Breach At 'Unknown Card Issuer' Agency Says Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • August 14, 2018

The FBI warns that cybercriminals are planning a large-scale operation aimed at emptying ATMs of their holdings, a type of attack that has caused swift and costly losses for financial institutions.

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The confidential alert was shared privately with banks on Friday, reports security blogger Brian Krebs, who obtained it.

The alert says that the scheme is likely associated with a data breach at an "unknown card issuer." The FBI says it obtained the tip through unspecified reporting.

"This data is provided in order to help systems administrators guard against the actions of persistent cyber criminals."—FBI

The FBI's alert will give banks a heads-up, but there's been plenty of fair warning already as...(continued)

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