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Beyond the Basics of ICS Security – Getting It Right From the Start


The Internet of Things is gradually but very surely creeping in to impact every sphere of modern life. And that goes as much for people as for business, as much for new industries as for incumbent sectors. This network of physical objects has the ability to play havoc with security and is significantly increasing the challenge of securing Industrial Control Systems (ICSs). Threats to ICSs for players in the utilities, energy and nuclear sectors can have life-threatening consequences.

Originally, these systems were designed to run independently. However, evolving business requirements often necessitate interconnection between control and office environments. Systems were also devised to last for decades without the need for heavy maintenance, and at their inception, security was far from a priority. Interconnection and standardization certainly have their advantages, but they also introduce far greater risk. Interconnected systems offer a larger surface for potential...(continued)

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