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DSA-4287 firefox-esr - security update

Several security issues have been found in the Mozilla Firefox webbrowser: Multiple memory safety errors and use-after-frees may lead tothe execution of arbitrary code or denial of service.

Debian follows the extended support releases (ESR) of Firefox. Supportfor the 52.x series has ended, so starting with this update we're nowfollowing the 60.x releases.

Between 52.x and 60.x, Firefox has undergone significant internalupdates, which makes it incompatible with a number of extensions. Formore information please refer to

In addition, the new Firefox packages require Rust to build. Acompatible Rust toolchain has been backported to Debian stretch, but isnot available for all architectures which previously supported thepurely C++-based Firefox packages. Thus, the new Firefox packagesdon't support the armel, armhf, mips, mips64el and mipsel architecturesat this point.

For the stable distribution (stretch), these problems...(continued)

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