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Man who shared Deadpool movie on Facebook faces 6 months in jail


You can share how much you liked a movie on Facebook, but you’re not supposed to share the actual movie on Facebook! Trevon Franklin did it anyway, and now he’s facing six months in jail.

The 22 year-old, who went by the name ‘Tre-Von M. King’ on Facebook, pled guilty this year to sharing a pirated copy of the movie Deadpool on his Facebook page, just a week after it hit theatres. In a sentencing memorandum issued on 12 September, the US government recommended six months behind bars.

In 2016 Franklin, then 20 years old, uploaded the movie to his Facebook account:

It went viral, and the file was viewed six million times, according to the court papers.

People warned him that it wasn’t wise and may earn him some interest from law enforcement, but he remained unperturbed, arguing that he had never sold the movie online. Anyway, the feds hadn’t come after him, he pointed out.

Then he created a new group called “Bootleg Movies” where he promised to share more.

“Someone going to...(continued)

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