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NCSAM: Consider the Nexus Between your Personal and Professional Life on Social Media


Another National Cyber Security Awareness Month is upon us, and although I have recently wished for its demise through better automated protections, there are some things that cannot be automated.

One such area of manual interaction is all the social networks that we use. Unless you are a celebrity with a public relations team behind your every post, you are probably personally updating your social networks.

A tip that I would share with folks is to be sensitive of the nexus between their personal and professional lives on social media.

For example, a recent credential-theft scam was circulating on LinkedIn (the social engineer’s goldmine). The scam was sent under the auspices of a person’s most recent employment and contained a malicious link (which I have removed in the accompanying picture):

You are probably thinking, “No one would fall for such an obvious scam.”

I would agree that in the context of a phishing e-mail, most folks would not be fooled, and in fact, most spam...(continued)

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