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Musical Chairs: Multi-Year Campaign relying on the Gh0st RAT

Security experts at Paloalto Networkshave uncovered a multiyear espionage campaign dubbedMusical Chairs Involving New Variant of Gh0st RAT Malware.

TheGh0st RAT malwareis a popular remote administration tool (RAT) created in China in the early 2000s that was used in a number of cyber espionage operations. Targeted espionage operations onTibetan activists, including theOperation Night Dragonand theGhostNetattacks, relied on the Ghost RAT to compromise the victims’ machines.

The source code of the Gh0st RAT malware is available on the Internet for free, this means that bad actors can customize and use it.

The threat actor behind the Musical Chairs recently deployed anew variant Gh0st RAT malware dubbed by the expert the “Piano Gh0st.” The researchers at Paloalto speculate that the actors behind these campaigns have been operating for over five years and used a single command and control server for almost two.

“Our evidence suggests the actors behind these attacks have been...(continued)

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