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Hacking driveless-cars using a simple Laser and a Raspberry Pi

The security researcher and scientist Jonathan Petit claims to be able to hack a driveless-cars by using a simple Laser and a Raspberry Pi.

Driverless-cars are the final goal of the principal car manufacturers that are working on several projects to introduce this new revolution in the automotive.

Lexus, Mercedes and Audi are just some of the most importantcar maker working on driveless-car projects.

The security community is warningautomaker about possible risks,Driverless-carhacking is technically possible and car vendors have to carefully consider security by design when dealing with so complextechnology.

Google has already developed and tested a semi-driverless car, it requires the human intervention as a failsafe in case problems. Automakers cannot ignore the risks of hack for their driveless-cars, news of the day is that

The security researcherJonathan Petit, a scientist at the software-security company Security Innovation,claims to have discovered a way to hack...(continued)

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