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A History of Defense-in-Depth; and the Evolution of Data Sharing

We need a new way to manage access to data. No, not because the “good guys” are losing to Advanced Persistent Threats, nation-state attackers, or whatever term we use to describe the cybersecurity boogey-man du jour. We need a new way to manage access to data because the old ways don’t work in the cloud. The cloud is not evil from a security standpoint, but cloud adoption has introduced two critical shifts to enterprise computing:

-An environment that is totally accessed and managed from anywhere in the world

-Empowering users to choose and administer IT solutions, also known as Shadow IT

Ye Ole Defense in Depth

Back when businesses had data centers, access to a departmental file share required an employee badge to get into the building, an Active Directory account, a laptop computer that belonged to the corporate domain, and permissions to the folder. If the permissions on the folder were incorrect the data might accidentally get exposed to another employee. Instead of Bill...(continued)

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