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Celebrating 100 episodes of the Smashing Security podcast


To celebrate 100 episodes of the “Smashing Security” podcast I co-host with Carole Theriault each week, we asked listeners to let us know some of their favourite moments from the show.

Unsurprisingly, many of the suggestions involved parts of the podcast where something had gone wrong, someone said something incredibly rude, or where we got the giggles. Hardly anyone wanted us to replay the bits where we talked about serious security issues. Go figure.

Anyway, here is a little aural montage we put together of the “best bits”, which should give you a feel for the podcast if you’ve never heard it before: I’d like to thank the amazing guests who have joined us on the podcast so far - Alex Eckelberry, B J Mendelson, Dan Ring, Dave Bittner, David Bisson, David Emm, David McClelland, Geoff White, Iain Thomson, Ian Whalley, James Thomson, Javvad Malik, John Hawes, John Leyden, Kevin Gorsline, Lisa Vaas, Maria Varmazis, Martijn Grooten, Michael Hucks, Mikko Hyppönen, Nick...(continued)

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