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Over-Hyped libssh vulnerability


A four-year-old vulnerability in libssh, a library used to implement the Secure Shell (SSH) authentication protocol, could allow malicious actors an easy access to servers with full administrative control.

A security consultant Peter Winter-Smith at NCC Group is the first one to discover the authentication bypass flaw (CVE-2018-10933) in libSSH.

Using the vulnerability, the attackers can bypass authentication procedures and gain access to a server enabled with an SSH connection without entering the password.

This could be done by sending the SSH server "SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS" message instead of the "SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST" message.

Due to a coding error, the message "SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS" is interpreted as the "authentication has already taken place" and it grants access to the server.

On June this year, he informed the libSSH team about the flaw, and the patch for the vulnerability was coded in mid-September and the update was released Oct. 16.

However, until...(continued)
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