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Cyber criminal crew DD4BC extorts businesses via DDoS

According to a report recently issued by Akamai, the DD4BC criminal group has been responsible for at least 114 DDoS attacks on its customers.

According the Akamai firm, the criminal crews known asDD4BC has carried out at least 114 DDoS attacks with an average peak bandwidth of around 13.34 Gbps on its customers since April 2015.

The DD4BC groupattempted to extort money from financial companies and other business by threatening to hit them with DDoS attacks that could interfere with their operations.

In one case, the DDoS attack flooded the target with over 56.2 Gbps of traffic, in June therun at least 8 DDoS attacks that had peak bandwidths of more than 23 Gbps.

“From June through July 2015, the attacks increased from low-level to more than 20 Gbps in some cases. The group would then demand a Bitcoin ransom to protect the company from a larger DDoS attack designed to make its website inaccessible.” states areportpublished today.

TheDD4BC group targeted Financial services...(continued)

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