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Chinese TEMP.Periscope cyberespionage group was using TTPs associated with Russian APTs

Chinese TEMP.Periscope cyberespionage group targeted a UK-based engineering company using TTPs associated with Russia-linked APT groups.

Attribution of cyber attacks is always a hard task, in many cases attackers use false flagsto masquerade their identities.

Chinese hackers have targeted a UK-based engineering company using techniques and artifacts attributed to the Russia-linked APT groups Dragonfly and APT28, according to security researchers.

Threat intelligence experts fromRecorded Future discovered thatChinese threat actor TEMP.Periscopewas using TTPs associated with Russian APT groups in the attempt to make hard the attribution. The same campaign that targeted theU.K.-based engineering company also hita freelance journalist based in Cambodia, attackers used a command and control infrastructure that was used in the past by theTEMP.PeriscopeAPT group.

“Employees of a U.K.-based engineering company were among the targeted victims of a spearphishing campaign in early...(continued)

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