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Two hacker groups attacked Russian banks posing as the Central Bank of Russia

Group-IBhas detected massive campaigns targeting Russian financial institutionsposing as the Central Bank of Russia.

The emails were disguised to look as if they come from the Central Bank of Russia and FinCERT, theFinancial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team. Group-IB experts havediscovered that the attack on 15 November could have been carried out by the hacker group Silence, and the one on 23 October by MoneyTaker. Group-IB considers both cybercriminal groups among the most dangerous to Russian and international financial organisations.

November attack: Silence

In the morning of 15 November, Group-IB detected a malicious mass email campaign sent to Russian banks from a fake email address purporting to belong to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). Of course, the CBR does not have anything to do with the phishing campaign – the hackers faked the sender’s address. SSLcertificates were not used for DKIM verification. Emails with the subject line “Information from the...(continued)

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