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Experts found first Mirai bot targeting Linux servers via Hadoop YARN flaw

Security experts from Netscout Asert discovered more than ten Mirai bot variants attempting to exploit a recently disclosed flaw in Hadoop YARN on Intel servers.

These Mirai variants are the first one that doesn’t target Internet of Things devices, the bot was specifically developed to target Linux servers.

The Hadoop YARNisvulnerability is a command injection flaw that could be exploited by attackers to remotely execute arbitrary shell commands on a vulnerable server.

The new versions don’t implement worm-like spreading abilities, instead,threat actors leverage exploits to spread the malware.

Netscout observed tens of thousands of exploit attempts daily targeting it honeypots, in November attackers attempted to deliver some 225 unique malicious payloads exploiting the Hadoop YARN vulnerability.

One of the variants spotted by the experts labeled itself as VPNFilter, even ifit is not linked with the infamous VPNFilter bot that infected more than a half-million small and home...(continued)

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