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Triton/Trisis Attack Was More Widespread Than Publicly Known

Triton/Trisis Attack Was More Widespread Than Publicly KnownSigns of the attack first showed up two months before it was identified as a cyberattack, but they were mistaken for a pure equipment failure by Schneider Electric, security expert reveals at S4x19.

S4x19 -- Miami -- New details have emerged about the 2017 Triton/Trisis cyberattack on a Middle East plant's safety instrumentation system -- including a missed opportunity to quash it two months earlier than its ultimate discovery, according to an ICS security expert who assisted in the incident response.

New information also shows that the attackers infected six engineering systems, not just two as investigators had reported, said Julian Gutmanis, who was working out of a major oil and gas organization in Saudi Arabia at the time of the attacks, in a presentation here at S4. The publicly revealed attack on Aug. 7, 2017, was not the first incident suffered by the victim at the hands of the Triton/Trisis attackers, he...(continued)

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