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Amazon, Apple, Others Hit with GDPR Complaints, €18.8B Maximum Penalties


noyb, a European privacy enforcement non-profit organization which focuses oncommercial privacy issues on a European level, has filed ten GDPR complaints with theAustrian Data Protection Authority,on behalf of ten users which it represents, against eight online streaming companies for violations of Article 15.

"As GDPR foresees 20 million or 4% of the worldwide turnover as a penalty, the theoretical maximum penalty across the 10 complaints could be18.8 billion," says noyb.

According to Max Schrems, noyb's Director, all thosecompanies (i.e.,Amazon, Apple, DAZN, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Flimmit,Netflix) have been tested to check their compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) "right to access"provision described in the EU regulation's Article 15.

Complaints filed for "right to access" violations

The "right to access" grants all EU citizens the "right to get a copy of all raw data that a company holds about the user, as well as additional information...(continued)

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